A partnership with Wyth is a ticket to success. With our expertise, licences and insights, we can grow as a team.

Why partner with us

We’re the trusted partner of Canadian businesses, trusts and credit unions. We offer the best of both worlds: big bank resources and expertise along with down-to earth teammates.
Operate with speed in business decision making
We are not hierarchical. Partners get to deal with senior leaders
Focus on revenue generation and path-to-platform based revenues
Bring regulatory skills and operating licences
We sweat the small stuff and will spend the time to do things big banks won’t

What we do for you

Whether you're a Fintech that needs access to banking and/or the Canadian credit union system, a venture capitalist, or a financial service aggregator offering innovative products, we have a proven playbook for success.



We partner with financial technology companies that bring differentiation and unique value propositions. We look for a strategic fit and mutual benefit.

Credit unions

We take pride in working with credit unions across Canada to bring innovative services and products.

Banking services

Leveraging the licenses of our bank and trust company, we are excited about the possibility of offering Canadians new and different kinds of banking products and services.

Partnership process

Alignment and onboarding

Through a carefully created strategic fit criteria, we identify areas of alignment and the steps needed for onboarding.

Exploration and discovery

This is the first step in a rewarding journey of defining synergy, use cases & the justified business case to launch the partnership.

Expansion and new business focus

With the long-term view we take with our business relationships, this final step translates into growing the partnership across our ecosystem.

Let's team up.

Reach out and see how we can tackle your business goals.

What we need from you

We’re looking for partners as committed to excellence as we are. Here's what we’re looking for:
Growth mindset
Like us, you're ready to take on the world—even if things get messy.
Entrepreneurial spirit
Innovative, agile and focused on growth.
A love for smart tech
We want to help actualize modern solutions for today’s problems.
We build relationships that foster trust and collaboration.

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