Using the account

Interest is paid or compounded annually based on your selection on the anniversary date of the GIC.

You can have both the interest and principal paid out to your High Interest Savings Account, or renew the principal only into the same term. Or, you can change your investment to another term altogether. You’ll receive an email reminder prior to your maturity date so you can review your options and change your instructions if you wish.

Simply sign in at or through the Wyth mobile app, then select Investments, choose the applicable investment, then Change Maturity Instructions.

Non-redeemable deposits cannot be redeemed before the maturity date. In special circumstances, a non-redeemable deposit may be redeemed. A minimum 10-day hold is required after deposit date. Transaction and interest penalties may apply. 

Well, we hope you don’t, but generally, when an account holder passes away their assets become part of their estate. The next of kin should contact or call the Wyth team at 1.800.788.6311, option 1. If possible, have the date of death and details of the account holder’s Executor available.

Information on CDIC coverage when member institutions amalgamate can be found here.